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Chocolate Energy Bar (12-pack)

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Made from plant-based, energy-rich ingredients, the Chocolate Energy Bar is the perfect snack to give you a boost of energy when it's needed most.  Each bar is packed with a cup of coffee's worth of caffeine from all-natural sources.  Perfect for waking up in the morning, beating that mid-day slump, or a pre-workout boost!

Customer Reviews

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Paulo Sitolini

It was delicious, and I loved the caffeine kick!

Ryan McBurney
The good stuff.

Love the dark chocolate flavor. The hint of salt is perfect. The natural flavors are so tasty. Caffeine is just the right amount.

Love it

Im a big consumer of bars and I had this bar today for the first time and absolutely loved it!! It has a great crunch combined with an amazing chocolate taste. You can also tell that there are quality ingredients in the bar without any funny after taste when you are finished. Just ordered 2 boxes. Thank you

Tasty & great energy boost

Came across these bars as someone who wanted a small bite and caffeine boost before late morning workout classes without having a full meal or whole cup of coffee/energy drink. They work perfectly for that function and so much more. They genuinely taste great while having very clean, healthy ingredients. I don't drink caffeine super often so these effect me pretty strongly - I normally split them in half or threes and still feel the energy boost. However, it's a gradual and natural feeling rather than an anxiety-induced or heart pounding feeling that certain energy drinks or coffees bring. My boyfriend is an avid coffee drinker so he eats a whole one and feels the same energy boost without jitters. They are also PERFECT for travel - you can stick multiple in your bag without having to worry about them crumbling, dishing out $10 for an airport coffee, buying a coffee/energy drink in between classes or meetings, etc. Cannot recommend these enough!

Delicious & Innovative

Every night I look forward to eating a Shaka Bite bar the next morning, even if I know I have a rough day waiting for me. The bar is has incredible taste and texture, and has no factory-processed flavor. It’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve eaten with all-natural ingredients and effective energy boost. The caffeine effects are smooth, long-lasting, and have no negative side effects. It’s also a very convenient and effective pre-workout. Every friend I have shared this bar with has raved about it.
One thing I like to do is freeze it and eat it with oat milk :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much caffeine is in each bar?

Each bar is packed with the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (95mg)!

Are these bars gluten free?


Are these bars Vegan?